Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crisp White Bedding = Sweet Dreams

Bedrooms have been on my mind lately.  Specifically, I love how virtually any color comes alive when it has some crisp white to contrast with...white wood trim, white bedding, white accessories.  There's nothing like crisp, clean white bedding to make you want to crawl into bed and dream a little dream.

Here are some real life (i.e. people like us) bedrooms from BHG readers.

I love the way the soft yellows and gray play off the crisp white (not to mention the dark wood raised ceiling).  The ghost chair is the perfect touch.

Sage and white...very sophisticated.

Love the traditional navy and white with dark wood furniture.

Chocolate walls and white bedding...soooo perfect.

The picture below I included for just one reason...check out the floor.  No, not the beautiful glossy dark finish...check out the stairs leading up to the glossy wood floors.  The bed was placed on a platform within the bedroom.  I don't know about you, but I wouldn't make it through one night in this bed.  One trip to the potty at 2 AM and it's all over...SPLAT.  Hurts just thinking about it.

What are your favorite colors for a bedroom?

p.s. Stay safe out there.  No platforms in the bedroom please.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spend or Save? Vintage French Linen Pillows

If you follow design blogs, chances are excellent that you've come across the new rage in throw pillows.  They're usually made of vintage linen, burlap, grain or feed sacks and often have a few words in French or a symbol on them.  And the range in prices for these babies is all over the board.

Let's start with these very pretty versions from Tuesday Morning:

Tuesday Morning's versions range in price from $24.99 to $39.99, but If you have experience with TM, you know it's hit or miss and when the featured item is gone, it's gone.  They won't be restocking the item.

Next up is Restoration Hardware, featuring the vintage linen pillow covers (inserts sold separately) ranging in price from $28 to $32.  I can tell you from experience, they're super soft.

Pottery Barn gets in on the action with a vintage grain sack version, prices ranging from $89 to $99 with inserts sold separately.

And if you're just positively flush with cash (you lucky, lucky girl), MySparrow on Etsy is offering up a pair of these for a mere $450 (pretty sure I have furniture that didn't cost that much, but hey that's just me ;-)).

Now go lay your pretty little head on something soft and vintage...oh, and French.