Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spend or Save?

Although I love the challenge of decorating on a budget (the thrill of the hunt I suppose), there are times when you should be prepared to spend a good chunk of change. 

An example of something you should be prepared to spend more on would be your upholstered pieces.  Obviously, you can score these on craigslist and ebay too, but if you can't find what you're looking for at a great price, you still can't go wrong viewing these as investment pieces.  Most of us keep them long enough that we more than get our money's worth out of them.

There are, however, some things I just don't want to spend on and don't believe I should have to given deals that can be scored on the internet and at places like Home Goods.  Here are a few examples:

This beautiful chandelier is currently available on for $725 (not including the $57 for delivery and processing).

The chandelier below is currently available at

I actually purchased the one from overstock for my home office and it's gorgeous.  I would never ever pay $725 for this piece as it is a very specific trend and I don't know that it's going to stand the test of time like an upholstered piece would.

This pretty capiz shell pendant light is also on for $695 (additional $45.00 delivery and processing).

The version below is available at for $399.99 (free shipping).  I still think that's too much for such a trendy piece, but at least it's a savings of $340 versus the Horchow version.
This one, also from Target,, can be had for $49.99.

Whether to spend or save is your call, but do yourself (and your bank account) a favor and at least spend a few minutes on the internet to be sure the same or similar item isn't available for a better price.

Happy bargain hunting!  

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monochromatic Works for Me!

Work and volunteering duties have been getting in the way of the striped wall project but fear not, I will persevere and get it done this week.

I have been feverishly reviewing craigslist for a mirror to no avail.

I've decided I'll have to hold onto my existing acanthus table from Ballard Designs because nothing on craigslist fits the look at a price I'm comfortable with.

Window treatments from are on the way but who knows what they'll look like in person.

Family and friends are questioning my decision to bury the burnt orange walls ("but I like them that color") but I remind them the walls have been that color for a really long time.  I guess that's the good thing about dining rooms - you can experiment with unusual, bold looks because you aren't in them often enough to get tired of colors that strong.

Still, as I work to learn my new roll of entrepreneur and figure out how to run a business on my own, I find I need my home to be really soft and soothing...comforting.  I don't want bold right now.  Soft, easy on the eyes colors feel right to me at the moment and I know when it's finished everyone will agree it's a good thing (to steal a little lingo from my beloved Martha :-)).

As you patiently await the dining room completion, I leave you with a few beautiful monochromatic dining rooms I find very soft and soothing.


Here are a couple different versions of white dining rooms in different styles by Country Living.  Furniture stays the same, but tweaking the accessories delivers a completely different look.

I have to get back to work now.

Carpe diem!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Striping Update

I didn't get the striped wall project done over the weekend as I had to do a wall and then live with it for a while to see if I wanted to go further.  My sister-in-law calls it in, I have to date these lamps, this coat, this color a while before I decide if I'm ready to make a commitment.

After I finished one wall, my initial reaction was "I hate it".  But, I dated it a while and I fell in love (that happens, you know?). 

I settled on a color by Behr called Cotton Whisper.  It's darker than the SW Greek Villa and lighter than their Creme - the two paints I had previously considered for the stripes.  I really love the Cotton Whisper.  The whole effect is super soft and elegant (of course, this is my opinion and may not be shared by others).

I have to say this whole measuring thing is a HUGE challenge in an old and uneven house with old uneven walls.

So, here's a peek...

By the way, I've decided that I will be painting the picture molding Cotton Whisper so it doesn't cut the wall off and blends more with the ceiling.