Friday, January 15, 2010

A Handy Little Paint Storage Tip

I saw this little tip on Pure Style Home and loved it!  

I don't know about you but, any little scuff mark on my walls can drive me batty.  It seems to grow larger every time I pass it.

Also, every time you need to move artwork and pull the hook out of the wall, you have to patch up and cover the hole it leaves.  This never takes more than a tiny bit of paint to remedy.  I keep a small stash of cheap artist brushes for just such touch ups.

I already have a pill box I don't use that I'll put to great use with this idea, but if you have to buy one I'll bet the dollar store has them.

Happy Friday all and i'll see you again on Monday.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Little Home Office Charm

I have (FINALLY) successfully completed the base in the dining room and am dreading looking forward to doing the stripes.  I’m pretty sure I'm going with SW Greek Villa.  It's much whiter than the Crème I originally chose and will achieve a crisper look.  Who am I kidding?  I still can't decide.  Thank God I don't agonize like this when doing someone else’s house.

While sitting in my favorite chair having my morning tea yesterday, I was admiring the new fresh dining room color when I had the startling, and somewhat disturbing, realization that the new color appeared to be just a shade or two lighter than the living room color.  I mean, I wanted a soft transition, but I wasn't looking for the same thing!

In any event, I need a break from dining rooms.  I have also been thinking about home offices lately.

Three years ago when I set up my home office, I chose a soft yellow for the walls (are you seeing a theme here?) because I read that the color aids in concentration, clarity for decision-making, sharpened memory and protection from lethargy and depression during dull weather.  You know, like now when it’s freezing in the Midwest and the snow around my house is knee deep – that sort of dull weather.

So, here are some home offices I think are loaded with charm and that are very achievable for most of us normal girls (you know, the non millionaire types).  Some are clearly pricier than others, but finding cheaper alternatives is what we excel at right?


The one below might seam super pricey, but elements of it are certainly affordable and it can be imitated with pieces from IKEA or even built if you or the Hubby are shop class grads.

I actually have these Pottery Barn shelves in the rubbed white in my home office.  I had admired them for a long time, but waited patiently for them to go on sale when they offered an even bigger discount for a multi purchase.

I'll share my home office soon, but that means I have to clean it so don't hold your breath cause I don't want to lose you as a reader okay?



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too Much Drama For A Tuesday!

I have no exciting after pictures for you yet.  It will be a while before that happens, but I did have a drama filled day.

First, when I was leaving to run to the grocery store at lunchtime, I pulled the front door too hard and it auto locked.  The key would not move at all in the lock.  I called the fire department (they're less than a mile from my house) and asked if they could try the key for me.  The female dispatcher who answered agreed that I might just "need some man muscles" (her quote - very cute).

So very shortly after I hung up, the big red truck made its way up my street and parked out front.  Two firemen got out (one very hot).  One tried to open the door with my key and couldn't budge it either.  The other was able to break into the garage through a side window and the other smaller guy crawled through, went through the house and opened the door from the front (the cables on my garage door recently broke and it won't open either).

So, my house is falling apart around me and was a total mess thanks to my painting project (sooo embarrassed that they saw it like that), but that was not the end of my drama for the day.

As I am backing the car out of the driveway (immediately after being rescued by the fire department), my car gets stuck in the monstrously large mound of snow the city has created by pushing the snow onto my driveway when their trucks go by (it is frozen and I can't move it with a shovel).

I get out of the car and start trying to shovel my way out to no avail.  Finally a Good Samaritan came along and helped me dig and push the car out of the snow pile. 

All of this happened prior to 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon.  I mean how much drama must I endure that early in the day?  Like it couldn’t have spread itself out a little?

Anyway here are some interesting black and white themed dining spaces to ponder as I continue to brainstorm ideas...



Here's hoping tomorrow is mind numbingly boring.  I've had my fill of drama for the week and it's only Tuesday :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Dining Room Makeover is Underway

Well, I hope I made the right decision because the paint wasn't cheap.  I went ahead and bought a gallon of the best Sherwin Williams paint they had in Buff. 

My intention was to just do what I typically do and buy a quart and try a large patch on the wall, view it at different hours of the day over a week or so to be sure I liked it and then plunge or retreat.

But I bought the whole gallon and decided to paint a patch on Saturday.  But, the patch kept expanding because I just couldn't get a feel for it.  The dramatic difference between the brick color I have now versus this new creamy shade made it too difficult to tell what it would look like across all four walls. 

So the patch quickly expanded.  Last night after returning from a fun Sunday afternoon with a big group of girls (15 I think?) drinking mimosas, eating extremely fattening breakfast foods, crafting, chatting, watching Jane Austin and celebrating my friend Lora's birthday, I painted a second coat over the first patch. 

Here's a shot of the state of disrepair my dining room is currently in.  Try to ignore the linen sheers.  They are just there to maintain privacy while I paint.  My brain has already moved onto window treatments, what type of mirror for the wall you're looking at, my beautiful rug will no longer work in this room.  What have I done??????

Now that I've created this monster, I've got to at least get the base down quickly because I can't stand to have the lower level of my house looking like this if someone stops over.

Wish me luck.