Friday, April 30, 2010

Pretty Palmer Weiss

As we head into the weekend, I'll leave you with some lovely rooms by San Francisco Interior Designer, Palmer Weiss.

A beautiful contemporary dining room.


A modern take on traditional, this one is so beautiful...

I love this citrus colored room...How could you help but be happy in this room?

I love her use of color and the contrasting trims on fabrics (window treatments, table covers, piping on chairs).

I especially love the hardware pulls on this chest of drawers...

Some more formal living rooms...

Gorgeous pink daybed in this teen room and check out the patent leather chair.

Love this daybed too.  This would make little and big girls happy to nap in.

Happy, happy weekend.  Relax and enjoy :-)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Curior Makeover Update

The curio makeover is under way, but still much work before it's ready for prime time.  After completing the first coat on Monday night, I noticed Tuesday morning that there was still a lot of the original finish showing through.  I decided I need a second coat before I get into the sanding phase.

I also had the unfortunate realization that I would have to do the inside of the piece too because it's so visible with all the glass.  Heavy sigh....  So wasn't on board for that.  See what I mean?  What made me think I could get away without painting the interior?  Duh!

I did start on the inside and do a second coat on the outside last night.  I am out for a while tonight, but am hoping to finish enough of it to be able to sand and apply toner (the final step) on Thursday so that it's complete by Friday.

Wish me luck!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Caromal Colours Curior Makeover

I have long been fed up with my armoire and, to a lesser extent, my curio cabinet.  They look oddly like a pair, although I purchased them several years apart from different manufacturers.  They are the lovely scrolled pine pieces from the 80s.

Still, both serve an important function in my living room; the armoire hides the TV (don't believe I'll ever reach a point where a visible TV is okay with me) and the curio holds my bar ware and Waterford Lismore collection.

I wanted to replace the curio cabinet with a vintage bar cart, something like this brass one...

or this French number for just $1,020...

or maybe this gorgeous black Indochine bar...

or go contemporary with this shiny baby from Restoration Hardware.

Alas, there were two primary issues with this wish of mine...cost and space.  The snug little space I wanted to put a bar cart it in was not large enough to accommodate virtually anything I liked and the couple I did like I wasn't willing to spend four figures on (um, not that I even had it to spend mind you).

So, a makeover of this piece was in order and after much studying the work of others and stewing over the issue, I hopped online and ordered this kit from Caromal Colours.

Here's your little peek at the before:

See what I mean by the 80s scrolled look?

And then there are the dreaded bun feet!!! Actually bun feet are fine if you have an updated version; these are not updated.

Here's a shot of the contents.  I just don't have anywhere else in my house I can store these or, more accurately, enjoy them in easy reach.

Check back for the BIG REVEAL (insert big important music properly conveying the bigness of this reveal).