Friday, March 19, 2010

A Stylish Girl's First Nest

Whenever the latest issue of one of my favorite design mags arrives, I make one last review of the previous issue to see if I want to tear any ideas out or just keep the issue for future reference.  When I went through the March Traditional Home mag last night, I was drawn again to one feature.

There was a profile of a twenty something, freshly minted fashion writer's first apartment.  Her mother is an interior designer so that certainly helps when you're trying to turn out a stylish first nest.  Together the two produced an awesome little space for daughter Lauren's Rye NY apartment that is a perfect marriage of budget (she is, after all, entry level fresh out of college) and investment pieces.

Here is designer mom, Suzanne McGrath and her daughter, Lauren sitting on Lauren's investment piece, a Mitchell Gold love seat (definitely would not have been room for that in my first apartment budget) in a timeless ticking pattern.  The fun yellow lamp was unearthed under a couple layers of dust at a flea market.  The sweet little blue coffee tables were a consignment shop find.  All other items in view were already owned by either Lauren or her mom.

Honestly, I loved everything about this space except the fact that the window treatment does not go all the way to the ground.  I love the light airy fabric and the print, but I cannot stand panels that fail to reach the ground.  To me it always looks like you're just making do instead of waiting until you could get what you want.

What I love though is the bench under the window where she stacks her books. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stairway to Style

When I bought my house, I decided to paint the back of the stairs along with all the rest of the trim in the house.  Nothing crazy creative or complicated - just some green paint that felt like it took years to finish.

Here are some homeowners who went the extra mile to fabulous stairs...

These are a little easier to replicate, but still very pretty....

And don't forget that other decorating option, wallpaper is not just for walls....

Now that's dedication to great design!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Done in a Day Makeover - Stylish Storage on the Cheap

Sorry for the lack of posts.  The last week has gone by in a whirl with work, training (now certified in color consulting - yay!!) and painting my parents basement, I haven't had time to do anything much personal except shower and sleep.

If you've read this blog before, you know that a Done in a Day makeover project doesn't have to be big, just something sweet and simple that makes your life a little better and prettier.  It can even be as simple as finally putting a switch plate on that bare socket in the room you painted years ago that you kept forgetting about (yes, Dad, I finally painted and placed one on the guest room light switch).

So a couple of weeks ago, I stopped at some of my favorite thrift haunts and picked up some super cheap (the 3 together were about $2 total) white glass thingies (okay, I have no idea what their original purpose was so do share if you have a clue) with the intention of putting them to use in my office to hold frequently used supplies.  If something is going to sit out in the open versus hidden away in my closet, I want it to at least look pretty while its doing its thing.

A little ribbon later and they're a little prettier.  I would have preferred a thicker ribbon but I already had this ribbon in my supply closet.

Another cheap storage method...
Take a handful of these....

And fill the bottom of a pretty glass vessel and stick eye make-up pencils...

or your make-up brushes in and have everything you need daily visible, pretty and ready for use.

Storage and organization doesn't have to be plain and ugly.  If you have a stylish storage solution, please share.