Friday, May 28, 2010

What Color is Your Armoire?

I have been trying to decide what I want to do with this big pine monster remnant from the 80s ever since I made over this other pine 80s leftover.

While I love my newly made over curio cabinet, It's leaving me verklemt about what to do with the armoire.  Should I paint the armoire black as well?  After some thought, I'm leaning away from that as I fear it will loom even larger from its corner in the now mostly neutral room.  So what do you think about white...really more of an ivory?  

This French antique with a distressed finish is beautiful and I've often wished I could cut out the wood inside the "frames" on mine.  They seem less imposing with the cut outs.

I've also thought about painting it green (one of my fave colors) and I love the soft shade of this one and the delicate white pattern in the framed inserts.

And here's a black, lightly distressed, armoire I found on Beneath My Heart:

I guess I'll stew on it over the long (blissfully HOT) holiday weekend.  If you have an opinion though, do share. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all...most especially our wonderful soldiers, past and present.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Calling All Cafe Curtains!

As I wrap up the living room, stairs, hallway paint project from hell, my thoughts have turned to the kitchen.  It's next up on the list.  Just the walls and the ceiling. 

And I am desperate to put a window treatment on the side window as it looks directly at the neighbors house and I feel very exposed when nothing is on the window.  Currently I have that privacy film that is so ugly but very effective at preserving some privacy.

So I have decided I'm going to do a cafe curtain in some fun pattern and color.  I want to maintain the light, but figure I'll have to line them since I hate the way curtains look without lining when the sun shines through them.  They seem...skimpy...neked almost.

The way I figure it, these are my options in style and for mounting.

Starting with the mount outside the window frame. When I remodeled my kitchen (maybe 7 years ago?), I had the two very beat up windows replaced and the contractor stained the frames to match my beautiful new maple cabinets.  I really don't want to put holes in the frames so I really like this option.

Ignore the mounting on this one as I picked it for the style.  What do you think of the grommet style cafe curtain?  I was thinking of hanging as shown above using the ring clips I have everywhere else in the house (so easy to work with), but I do like the grommet style.

I've seen this style before where a cafe curtain is combined with a glass shelf (featuring plants and clear glass vessels) to provide almost full coverage of the window.  I like it, but it doesn't really fit the style of my current kitchen.  BTW, I think a tension mount was used for the curtains.

This is my favorite by far.  I think those are napkin rings fastened to the ribbon and I love how they contrast with the rubbed bronze rod.  I really like the texture of the natural fabric too, though I still plan to go with a pattern. Although, I've been known to change my mind a few hundred times before a project is completed ;-)

What do you think?