Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Done in a Day Project For The Mantle

I bought two of these sweet little ceramic urn vases at a local thrift store on 50% off day so I paid just $2.50 each.  One had an "as is" sticker, but it was just because of a small stain.  I just turn the stained area to the wall.  I mean for $2.50 who cares about a little stain?

Then the dilemma began as to what to put in the little urns (that I had determined would go on the mantle).  I don't have a cutting garden and I can't afford to buy fresh flowers weekly to keep them filled, but I really wanted something "green" but not an artificial plant.  

I finally decided on decorative moss balls.  Since I needed a very specific size to fit perfectly into each vase opening, I decided to make my own.

I picked up two foam balls and a sheet of the instant green moss at JoAnn's which ended up being super cheap because I had those handy 50% off coupons.

I got out my trusty glue gun and got down to it.

And many minor and one major (ugly, blistering) burns later, my moss balls were done and looking lovely in their little vases.

I'm still awaiting the arrival of these candlesticks I ordered from Restoration Hardware that will eventually flank either end of the mantel.  However, I just received yet another notice from Resto that they are delayed until "early November" so who knows?  It may look like this until the Christmas decorations go up in a few weeks.

Off to work....