Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bathed in Pink

In honor of Valentine's Day (yeah, I know I'm way early), I wanted to share some truly beautiful pink themed rooms.

I am single but have always loved V day.  I think because when I was a little girl (and pretty much through college), my Dad always bought my Mom and me a little something...some chocolates, a sweet card and a little bracelet or something fun to brighten my day.  Because of that, I always viewed Valentine's Day as a celebration of all kinds of love - not just romantic love.

And, of course, any day that encourages the consumption of chocolate (heavy and delighted sigh...) and the wearing of pink (my favorite color) ranks high on my special occasion list.

Here are some yummy rooms from Country Living...


This room below just takes my breath away.  The dark woods with the light walls, the soft pinks with the acid greens....

I'm afraid I don't know who to credit for the following pictures so if you have a clue, do tell so I can give proper acknowledgement.
Okay now I have a tiny bit of advice that may well change your life...or at least your bedroom.  Swap out the lights in your bedside lamps with pink bulbs (pretty easy to find) and I guarantee you will absolutely love the way you look in your bedroom.  It gives off a glow that makes everyone look a million times better.  Try it and you'll never go back to plain old bulbs, I promise.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Heart Sheila Bridges

I really, really like Sheila Bridges style.  Years ago, I saw a home that I believe was her own that she had purchased in Harlem and the decor was just so beautiful and fresh and modern but not that kind of modern (you know, the harsh, ugly and scary modern).  Just so made me want to move in and take over the space.

So, every once in a while I like to do a little Sheila search to see what designs she has out there.  Here are some particularly lovely ones I saw today on her site, though in truth I didn't love everything I saw.  Still, you don't look at every picture of a room she has done and say, "Oh yeah, that's a Sheila Bridges design."  I love that she clearly gets the client heavily involved or her designs would not be so dramatically unique in each home (I should not that some of these photos are of her own home).

Here's a little sampling of Sheila that I think is especially lovely...


Do you see what I mean about every room being so unique?  I wish I could enlarge them more, but each is enlarged as much as possible before becoming a bit fuzzy and I hate fuzzy pictures (like the one I showed you yesterday) as they give me a headache.

I hope you enjoyed Sheila's designs as much as I do. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

If You Don't Like It, Paint It!

As I was putting yet another coat of glossy black paint on my thrifty mirror purchase over the weekend, I decided to give my little butler's tray table a makeover too.

I bought this simple little piece years ago at Pier One Imports and I have no idea what I paid for it.  Many of the accent pieces in my house at that time were from Pier One because after buying the house, I had no money to furnish it. Funny how that works.

Please excuse the crappy photography. 

Here is a close up of the hardware on the piece that I will replace as it's a bit too rustic to fit the dining room now.
The tray table needs one more coat of paint and then I can put the new hardware on it and show you the "after". 

I would rather show you the "after" version of the mirror once it is hung and that's not happening until Friday.  I have too much going on with work this week so it's going to have to wait.