Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Blissful Christmas at Designing Bliss

I'm taking part in The Nester's Christmas Tour of Homes 2009 this year (my first blogging year and my first time participating in one of Nester's events).

So here is my little (it really is quite small - befitting a small space) tree that I decorate entirely in gold, silver and white.  Actually, all of my Christmas decor is in these three colors.

Ummm...please disregard the clutter of unwrapped gifts you see all over the floor and stairs.  I've been busy trying to build a business and haven't quite gotten around to wrapping gifts.  I promise they'll be beautifully gift wrapped by this Saturday when we have our family party.



A few of my favorite ornaments up close.  All of these were collected over time, mostly during after Christmas sales and some are gifts from family and friends who know I take decorating my tree very seriously and want to help the cause.

As you can see, restraint is not my style when it comes to decorating my tree.  The more I can get on it, the happier it makes me.

This is the mantle in my living room...

In keeping with my commitment to decorate using mostly what I already own, the mosaic candle holder was a Christmas gift from many years ago, the cross was a new purchase from Tuesday Morning ( $7), the pearls were from my jewelry stash.

My angel in gold is kind of old...I've had her for many years, but she still looks beautiful and I'm not ready to replace her yet.

For about a week after I decorated the tree and mantle, the right side of the mantle sat empty white I tried to find something that tied the whole look together.  I finally decided to "shop the house" (duh!) and found this rusted iron candelabra in the basement.

I bought it years ago on clearance and once I got it home just couldn't find the right spot for it.  Still, it was so cheap I couldn't bring myself to return it knowing I would find a good home for it eventually.  The rusted brown color perfectly compliments the brown finish in the cross and the bronze of the candle holder on the other side of the mantle (if I'm allowed to say so myself ;)).


My side tables are too small to do much with so I just put a little tea light inside an ornament and my  cherub bust that I bought a few years ago.

Thanks so much for stopping by and a blessed and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Sjn said...

I love your use of gold, silver and white! So classic, so clean, so classy!

Totallyscrappy said...

Very pretty!

Katie said...

Your house and your decorations are just beautiful. It is so classy.

Rebecca said...

I, too, like the idea of restricting your colors to the three---it really does create an elegant effect. And I appreciate your desire to use what you already have! It's amazing how a little rearrangement and a tweek or two can create such a festive look.

Merry Christmas!

Christine said...

Thanks for your very sweet comments ladies! Please come back again.