Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nothing Vanilla About White ... Dinnerware

This Sunday evening I'll be giving a presentation at Stein Mart featuring their white dinnerware.  I'll be showing several ways to dress a table over the holidays using their dinnerware and whatever else they have available for me to work with.

In addition to the ideas floating around in my head, I found these inspiring images to help get my creative juices going.

Using just greens, ribbon and fabric, this very nature inspired setting is the height of elegance and extremely easy to duplicate.


Technically this isn't pure white, but easily could be and would look just as elegant with just a silver charger for some shine.  I love this look for a formal New Years Eve dinner party.

Love this buffet style set up.  I'm thinking New Year's Day.  Hot soup, sandwiches, wine and mimosas by the fire.

Of course, it would also make a beautiful buffet for a more casual New Year's Eve party.

This would work perfectly for a buffet set up and you could just use pretty ribbon to tie the rolled napkin if you don't have/want the greens shown.

Although I decorate entirely in silver, gold and white for Christmas, my favorite color is pink so I heart this table setting.

The white poinsettias in the mint julep cups say Christmas, but the table setting with champagne glasses and the little boxed gift remind me of an engagement party dinner...so, engagement party over the Christmas holiday :-)

 Hopefully I've convinced you of the endless versatility of white dinnerware.  I think I'll have to go to Stein Mart and pick up a set for myself.

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