Monday, January 25, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

I finished the stripes this weekend and I have to say, I really do love it.  It took forever because the walls are so old and made of plaster so not at all nice and flat and even like drywall.  I had to go over each stripe with a roller, let that dry, go back over it with a brush to catch all the many spots the roller missed and then let that dry.  Then, start the whole process over again.  I'm exhausted.

The over effect is soft and lovely though.  The new slipcovers arrived over the weekend and the window treatments came today.  As soon as I pull all of that together (i.e. iron everything to get it all crisp and pretty), I'll show you the results.  Tomorrow for sure...I need a deadline to get me moving. 

I still need to find a rug option and have pretty much settled on an indoor/outdoor rug as they are inexpensive and great for areas where spillage may be an issue. 

I have been feverishly searching for an affordable mirror but nothing so far.  These are possibilities:

Now don't get distracted by the tacky gold thing going on with this one.  I would paint it.

Who knows I may just go with a plain dark wood frame mirror or...well, anyway tell me what you think.

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