Monday, February 22, 2010

Kitchen Eye Candy

Wow!  That's the only thing that floated through my little head as I gazed at this kitchen.  Just. Wow!  I mean it is completely unlike any kitchen I've ever seen in my life.

The part of the kitchen that falls below chandelier level is relatively normal - crazy beautiful, but nothing we haven't seen before (click on photo to view larger picture).  But, what's above that is truly amazing - to me anyway.  It's part English manor library, part early American kitchen with all the pewter (at least many pieces appear to be pewter or maybe silver) dishes and serving pieces decoratively arranged on plain white shelves.

The owner of this beauty of a kitchen?  Joan Rivers, people...Joan Rivers.  Who would have guessed?

I love that they didn't move the blue towel with the dog dish out of the way for the picture.  Even famous and fabulously wealthy people have dogs that make a mess when they eat and drink :-)

Just can't adequately express my amazement over this kitchen.  So just wallow in the beauty of it and talk among yourselves.

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