Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bedroom Tour in Essex

I love home tours.  I don't care where they are or what kind of houses are included, I just love the chance to peek inside someone else's house and see how they decorated. 

One house type I typically don't like the decor of (when included in a home tour) is the Victorian.  They are beautiful structures, but often the ones included on a home tour are decorated in a period accurate way and I'm just not a fan of the Victorian style decor.  It just seems so heavy and dark and overwhelming.  And you would pretty much have to spend a fortune on a cleaning service willing to move and dust beneath all those tchotchkes.

Still, every once in a while you find one you love and here are two bedrooms I found in a restored Victorian in Essex England. 

Love the floors, chandelier, turquoise and gold touches.  I even like the fancy window treatment that's usually not my thing. And the very modern chair is perfect.

Does this distressed leather gem not look like the most comfortable chair ever? Although it might be a serious challenge getting back out of it once you're that close to the ground.

Here's the other bedroom in the same house.  I love the very modern lighting choice above the bed that keeps the whole look from being too formal and perfect.  That rug is amazing.

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{Arianna Belle} said...

I agree -it definitely looks like the comfiest chair!