Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Problem With Home Improvement

Have you ever noticed that when you paint or rehab a room in your house, suddenly every other room in your home appears old, tired and outdated?  I hate that. 

So far I've been forced to update the dining room, the living room, the bathroom (a work in progress - already thinking of changing the walls again).  I have about 9 paint swatches painted on the kitchen walls trying to decide on a color there.  And the bedrooms are not just calling my's like they're screaming so loud I can't think straight.  They want help.  They want to be a new color.  They want to be dressed in new bedding.  They're even demanding art work.  Not sure how they imagine I will pay for all these demands.

In between creating wish lists and putting costs to my big fat ideas, I seek inspiration from beautiful rooms I find courtesy of google images :)

These rooms are exactly what I'd like to achieve...a soft, mostly neutral palette. 

How could you not dream beautiful dreams in these rooms?

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