Friday, May 28, 2010

What Color is Your Armoire?

I have been trying to decide what I want to do with this big pine monster remnant from the 80s ever since I made over this other pine 80s leftover.

While I love my newly made over curio cabinet, It's leaving me verklemt about what to do with the armoire.  Should I paint the armoire black as well?  After some thought, I'm leaning away from that as I fear it will loom even larger from its corner in the now mostly neutral room.  So what do you think about white...really more of an ivory?  

This French antique with a distressed finish is beautiful and I've often wished I could cut out the wood inside the "frames" on mine.  They seem less imposing with the cut outs.

I've also thought about painting it green (one of my fave colors) and I love the soft shade of this one and the delicate white pattern in the framed inserts.

And here's a black, lightly distressed, armoire I found on Beneath My Heart:

I guess I'll stew on it over the long (blissfully HOT) holiday weekend.  If you have an opinion though, do share. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all...most especially our wonderful soldiers, past and present.

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