Monday, September 14, 2009

It's baaaack....Wallpaper reappears from beyond the grave

So if you love design as much as I do you've heard the word on the's BACK!  The thing I despise, the thing I peeled untold yardage of from so many walls the first year of owning my home.... the evil that is WALLPAPER (cue dum da da dum music).  Actually, it started making it’s come back a while ago, but now there’s simply no avoiding it.

Why do I diss the paper?  All those pretty designs and no love you ask?  Well, for starters, prints that are that in my face (large quantities you have to stare at day after day after day after day after.... well, you get the picture) bore me to distraction (or drinking or whatever your vice may be) after a pitifully short time. A pure saturation of beautiful color (aka…paint…preferably the honorable Ben Moore if I can afford the best) on the other hand, satisfies my heart and eyes and everything else for many, many years with no hint of boredom.

Having established, albeit a little too vehemently, that I won’t be purchasing any wallpaper for my humble little home, I have seen some pretty fresh and pretty designs that didn’t make me want to drive a spike through my head….

 This harlequin design is kind of cool because duplicating it with paint would be a pain.  In addition to having to measure and tape with precision, you have some kind of cool color wash going on here.  Love the greens used here too.

Called Floral Sidewall, this might be cute in a little girl’s room.  The soft blue with ivory flowers would be pretty in a nursery too.


Appropriately titled Various Sayings, this one might be entertaining in a small bathroom...

This white on charcoal number is called Lollipop Leaves.  I could see this in a very modern space with all white mod furniture. 

This paper was designed by Jon Burgerman and is actually a coloring book that can be applied to  any wall. This would be fun in a kids room - you could keep them entertained for hours.  

Here’s a use of wallpaper even I could love.  Just one small alcove in a home office – beautiful, like the inside of a gift box from a super exclusive boutique…sigh…

Along the same lines, how cool to open your closet and see a beautiful unwrapping a treasure.  Here are some I'd love to see in my own closet:

Called Kelly Deco Velvet Flocked wallpaper, I love the color and designs of these papers found on


Although I hate the paper used here, I do love the idea of using wallpaper to simulate a headboard.  It’s cheap, easy and you could change it as often as your little heart, budget (and energy) permit.  I would love to do this for a client.  Maybe I’ll do it in my guest room that’s just begging for a makeover.

This is actress Chloe Sevigny’s home and though many interior design aficionado’s much more knowledgeable than me no doubt find it tres chic, it would make my head throb after …well, I might be able to hold out for about 5 or 6 hours (if properly medicated).  Via Design Sponge

If you have some wallpaper brilliance you want to share, please leave a comment....or just comment because you can.

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