Monday, September 21, 2009

Warming Up To Fall

In case you hadn’t heard, it’s officially fall. I live in the Midwest where everyone can be heard proclaiming with excitement and glee about the arrival of fall before it even begins. I love fall too for its’ moderate temperatures and beautiful changing leaves. I also love that folks who have no business walking around half naked finally stop doing so and start wearing clothes (sorry, but it had to be said). What I hate about fall is that it leads directly to WINTER. Winter here in Ohio lasts about….well, a good six months. I hate winter.

Okay let’s move on to the more positive subject of ideas to warm up your home that even a frugal, lazy crafty girl like me can get behind….

I love this BHG idea as it is super cheap and easy to duplicate and easily qualifies as lazy girl décor (my specialty).  Use a can or pillar holder to elevate your candle if it isn’t tall enough.

  You can also swap out the green candle for a beautiful caramel or pumpkin colored pillar and surround it with these acorns from Pottery Barn.  If you live in an old neighborhood like me, you can probably get the acorns for free from a tree in your neighborhood.

Also from BHG, this is super easy and you can use one of the fake pumpkins sold at places like Michael’s and JoAnn’s.  Just be sure to weight down the hollow ones with sand so it doesn’t tip with the candle in it.  Instructions for duplicating this with a real pumpkin here:
These branches with colorful leaves are also easy to find at Michael’s and JoAnn’s and I see wooden bowls like these at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s all the time.
  Placing small pumpkins on top of a pillar holder you already have in your house is about as cheap and easy as it gets.  Still, I would dress it up a bit with some fall garland - it just looks a little bare and unfinished to me as is.
  I love the idea of pumpkins in place of flowers in your outdoor urns as I seem incapable of keeping anything green alive for longer than a week. 
Love the tiny pumpkins and squash, scattered all over flat surfaces for bursts of color in this black furnished room.  It would still work if your furniture is painted or wood stained.
What are you doing to decorate your space for the season?

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High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh fun. I can't wait to try out those first two ideas! They are calling my name!!