Monday, October 12, 2009

Staging Your Built In Bookcases

Last week during a staging consultation, I had to tell a client who had a large beautiful built in bookcase in her living room, that nearly three fourths of the contents needed to get packed away. 

Additional suggestions for staging said bookcase:

1. Add some pretty baskets along the bottom shelves to hide her husband's large collection of CDs and everyday "stuff" the family needs to have easy access to.  You can find a great assortment of different size baskets (at awesome prices) at Michael's.
2. Remove all family photos.
3. Remove all but a few books on every third shelf, some upright, some flat for visual interest.
4. Bring in a few more of her pretty glass pieces to highlight the bookshelf without taking up visual space.

The way we dress a bookshelf for living is an entirely different matter...





...than how we dress bookshelves for staging.


 The simple secret to staging bookcases in a home for sale is to use enough books and decorative items to highlight them, without having so much in them that the eye becomes completely distracted. 

Too much "stuff" in staging reads as visual clutter.  You always want the prospective buyer to notice the architectural details of your house, not your stuff.  After all they are buying the house, not your possessions.

So go decorate your bookshelves...unless you plan to sell soon ;-).

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