Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Done in a Day Design!

In honor of my company, Done in a Day Design, I've decided to start challenging myself to complete just one small design project each week.  I'm not looking to makeover an entire room like I do for clients, just complete one small project that's been nagging at me and that will make a little difference in my space. 

Today's DIADD project is to finally hang those little memo boards I bought on clearance at Home Goods into a little message center in my home office. 

Here's that sad little empty spot to the right of my desk that's just begging to be noticed ...

Here it is after I hung my little bargains...two small cork boards and a magnetic dry eraser board.

I can already see another DIADD project.  That white frame will probably have to be painted because it just doesn't pop on the soft yellow walls.  And the fabric that came in the cork board above it is completely crooked and it's already starting to bug me. 

Still, I feel better already getting that one tiny project out of the way.  What is your tiny DIADD project?

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