Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Done in a Day Design...Let There Be Light

So, I've pretty much HATED the light fixture in my home office since...well, the first time I toured the house during the house hunt stage.  It kind of looks like an airplane propeller plunging through the equally ugly acoustic tile ceiling.  These two features made the room over the garage my least favorite in the house.

Here is the offensive propeller/light in all its hideousness.  That's Uncle Joe in the background.  Looks a little startled doesn't he?  I think I lured him here with a simple project like fixing some stuck drawers, then I sprang this lighting disaster on him.  He may never return.  

For years the room was just used for storage and then a few years ago I got a job requiring a home office.  I was only given about a week to get the office together, so I bought an inexpensive desk from Office Depot and as I got more money, added these Pottery Barn Studio Shelves in Antique White to house my ever growing collection of decorating books.  I never quite got around to doing anything about the hanging propeller.

Recently I decided something must be done about IT.  During my search for an alternative, I found this baby at  I just wanted something I could afford and that wouldn't make me vomit in my mouth every time I flicked the light switch on.  But this beauty actually made me really, really happy and was...gasp...AFFORDABLE ($120).

This very same fixture is also available at for $605 more if you happen to have more money than brains and are looking for ways to waste spend it.

Anyway, today my super handyman, Uncle Joe, came with my Mom to help put it together and hang it for me.

Here it is in pieces before the assembly begins.   If all goes well, it will look something like this when done...

Isn't it lovely?


This is my Mom bossing Uncle Joe around and telling him he isn't doing it right.  I'm staying on the other side of the room in case of an altercation.


A few hours and a quick lunch later and there she is. pretty.  Just have to touch up around the crown with some paint and the transformation is complete.  One day, one change and a huge difference in my attitude toward this room.

Big thanks to my crew of two!  You guys can take next week off ;-)

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