Monday, December 28, 2009

A Peek Into My Vanity

I finally retrieved my camera from Mom and Dad's house and took a few snaps of my own vanity.  It is an antique piece my Gram and Gramps bought for me when I was a teenager. 

Apologies for the crappy photography.  Also, please note the spots and lines on the mirror are due to the advanced years (sounds so much better than really old huh?) of this piece and not due to my lack of housekeeping (which does occasionally happen).

The lamps I bought in an outlet years ago...can't remember the name and not even sure if they are still in business.  The crystal is part of my small Waterford collection (fairly certain that's a requirement of every girl of Irish decent).  The photo on the right is of my Dad when he made his first cute in his short white pants and knee socks :).   The other photo is my Gram with her parents, twin sister and other siblings at the lake when she was a kid.

Truthfully, this piece is just for show.  While I always do a front and rear check (Mom always warned me to NEVER leave the house without doing a rear view check) in the full length mirror of my vanity, I do my makeup in the bathroom and put my jewelry on at my bedside table that is closer to a functioning vanity right now.  I'll show you that next...

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