Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another peek...

I mentioned the other day that although I do have a vanity in my bedroom, it's not really where I keep all my "stuff".  My bedside table is pretty large so I keep a collection of my favorite accessories and assorted girl stuff close by so that I can enjoy it daily.

Okay, you know by now that I always give you the breakdown on the goods so here goes...The mirror is from Home Goods and I know it was way less than $100.  The fancy silver wood box in the center is also from Home Goods and was purchased on clearance for $5.  The two frames are also from Home Goods but I don't remember what I paid for them.

If you live somewhere that doesn't have a Home Goods, my heart goes out to you.  Truly, it is the most fabulous place ever.  You should email or call the company and harass them until they build one near you.  It will save you massive amounts of money on the most awesome stuff.

Back to the details....this poor guy (also from Home Goods clearance - he was damaged when part of their ceiling caved in and he was caught in the waterfall) has been horribly abused between having to wear my fishing hats and various necklaces.

That picture frame still has the picture that came in it.  That's embarrassing to admit, but honestly I keep forgetting to take pictures of my nieces and nephew that will fit into a vertical frame (no, I can't use it horizontally as it gets lost behind all the stuff here).

The silver Paul Revere bowl was a bridesmaid gift from my girlfriend Karen's wedding, the little silver tea light holder is from the local American Cancer Society Discovery Shop and I think I paid $1 for it.  The china sugar bowl...long story...not worth the time to tell.  That long gold thing with the pretty flower on the end is a bookmark.  Unfortunately, it's completely impractical since it weighs too much and always falls out of the book, so I just leave it here.


On the other side are some perfumes and a picture of my gorgeous niece, Olivia Rose (I just took it a week ago and finally remembered to do a vertical shot).  Is she not perfection itself?  I truly have the most beautiful, intelligent and accomplished nieces and nephew ever. 

That tea cup and saucer you can just see part of is from my tour of Buckingham Palace.  On one of my trips to England, they had just opened it to the public for the first time ever to pay for repairs done when the royal family's country house was damaged by a fire.  I bought that and a pretty little box that's on my vanity.  The friend with me on the tour made fun of me for "buying into the tourist traps" but I still love both pieces and I'm happy I bought them (so there Janice!).


I truly believe that clutter causes people stress and I avoid it as much as possible (that's actually critical in a small house like mine where it can quickly overwhelm you) but, to me, this is pretty clutter that brightens up my day.

That's all for today.  I am hosting family for the holiday so not sure if I'll post tomorrow, so just in case let me wish you a very Happy New Year.  I hope every single dream you have comes true in 2010.



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