Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cottage Style Revisited

I used to subscribe to a design mag called Cottage Living until, like so many others, it went belly up (I think it was at the end of 2008). 

The magazine brought a fresh perspective to what you think of as cottage decor.  It isn't strictly a shabby chic look, but can be very fresh, modern or traditional.  I really enjoyed seeing how each homeowner chose to define what cottage meant to them. 

One thing that seemed consistent for the two years I subscribed though is that the magazine  profiled houses that truly fit the cottage architectural style.  I don't remember any colonials or ranch, etc. that were decorated in a cottage style.  That was probably part of the appeal to me since most cottage style homes are small like mine.

Pouring over the rooms each month awakened a real appreciation in me for this very easy to live with style.  It's perfect for all types of living situations from singles to families and can easily be adapted to most lifestyles.  I guess it could be formal, but it was usually casual and curl up and read a book comfy.

The variety of styles that make up cottage style decor...

Cottage nearly always has some white slipcovered pieces.

Love this porch, probably because it looks warm and lovely on this little cottage porch and it's freezing in Cleveland and I'm watching the snow pile up again :(


 Stay warm wherever you are.

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