Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One More DIY For My Dining Room

After pulling together my new dining room, I left one wall sadly blank while I pondered what to adorn it with.  Here is the lonely wall (below).  You can see why it needs somthing right?

None of the art work I already owned really did the trick, so I decided on another mirror.

After a brief search at Home Goods (of course), I found what I was looking for in the form of this mirror (love the arch):


It was priced at $29.99, but the wood frame was badly scratched and even gouged in spots, so some haggling later, I got a $5 discount.  Not what I was hoping for, but I really liked the mirror and knew the size was perfect for the wall in question.  

BTW, objects in mirror are not nearly as fat as they appear - that was a bulky sweater - it's very cold in Cleveland right now.  Just wanted to make that clear.

A major dose of sanding and three coats of the same glossy black paint I used on my other dining room mirror and the tray table and my new mirror was ready for its close up.

Here it is occupying the formerly lonely wall.  My original plan was just to stain the mirror a dark brown as I feared it would look to "matchy" if I used the same glossy black paint on the tray and the mirror, but I do like the overall effect.  

The one big disappointment was that after I cleaned up the mirror, I realized it was covered with fine scratches (visible in the photo below) that were not noticeable when I bought it because of the tape marks, dust and paw prints on it.  Anyone know how to get rid of those scratches?  

Still, in spite of its imperfections I'm quite pleased with my new mirror and at a recent get together with the girls (before I purchased and hung the mirror), I turned the tray table into a drinks station and it worked really well and kept the main table free for the food. 

That's my DIY for the week - unless I get another burst of energy.    
Wealth Consists Not of Having Great Possessions but Few Wants. Epicurus We Americans are drowning in stuff we don’t need.   Buying things you don’t need takes up a lot of life energy that could be used to buy your freedom from debt, among other things.   Next time you go shopping, ask yourself if what you are purchasing is a want or a need.  If it’s a want, think twice about what it’s actually costing you. 


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