Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So where do I put my booty?

I was perusing the latest email from Houzz and was drawn to this photo:

The colors are very soothing and beautiful, but in spite of that I had one overwhelming thought when looking at this beautiful arrangement.  Can you guess?  Oh right, I gave it away with my title didn't I?

So, where exactly does one plunk their booty?  If the hostess instructed me to sit and make myself comfortable I would be struck with sheer terror.  How exactly do I make myself comfortable?  Sit in one of those two little slivers not covered by pillows?  Are you kidding me?  My butt?  I mean it's not ginormous or anything, but I couldn't even get one cheek in either of those slivers.

I have two 18" pillows on either side of my sofa and I frequently worry that that is two too many.  Maybe just one at either end is fine?  Still, I like all four pillows, so all four remain.  But I make sure they are squished into the corners and the first thing I say to people after I tell them to sit and get comfy is to "just set the pillow(s) on the floor if they're in your way."  And I MEAN it.  I never want decorative pillows intimidating my guests into not getting comfortable in my home.

So while I have a deep and abiding love of beautiful pillows, I believe they have their place in the home; like in the bedroom where they're only going to annoy your man. 

Here's to making room for all booties, small and large.  Pillows in moderation only people.


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Budget Wise Home said...

You are so funny! Thanks for your honesty. I agree it's too many. I have a huge love for pillows, but this picture is only nice to look at and not super practical. I do love the aqua though.