Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Beautiful Living Rooms

Whenever I read design magazines or websites, I am drawn to certain rooms in the house over and over.  When I was looking to remodel my kitchen, I obsessed over kitchen design until the kitchen was completely remodeled and had morphed into my dream vision.  Once the kitchen was (my idea of) perfect, I lost nearly all interest in kitchen design.  With the exception of tweaking the colors and decorative elements every few years, I'm good to go with the kitchen.

One of my favorite rooms to peruse is the living room.  Because my house is tiny, there is no family or great room.  There is just the living room to...well, live in.  I love my living room, but I love to tweak the design and accessories and to just obsess over everyone else's too.

Here are a few I came across today that I thought were pretty sweet...

I love the pink and green.  You almost have to be single to pull this off as I don't think most men would be loving the girlie vibe, but it is sweet.

More pink and brow that is still very feminine, but not too much so.  It's super sophisticated.

I'm not a huge fan of blue, but this mirror is amazing.

I love the cool feeling you get from the soft green walls, white sofa, chrome and lucite coffee table and mirrors.

Saving the best for last, I love everything about this soft tan and yellow room.  The unexpected lantern hanging next to the sofa, the gorgeous brocade on the sofa, the bird prints...perfection.  Definitely not casual enough for my lifestyle, but if your living room is just for entertaining, this would be heaven.

I have a redesign tomorrow.  If it's okay with the homeowner, I'll share the pics.


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