Monday, July 12, 2010

The Pine Monster Gets A Distressing Makeover

I mentioned a while ago that I really wanted to do something about the monster that lives in the corner of my living room...

It's useful for hiding the TV (no sleek sexy flat screen for me) that is quite fat and extraordinarily heavy.  Still, even if I did have a lovely new TV, I would want to hide it.  TVs aren't pretty to me and I don't like looking at them unless they're turned on.  But I digress.

Last week I took on the 80s pine monster and now she looks like this...

Two coats of paint, some sanding to achieve a distressed look and toner, along with one final "wash" with a mix that was three parts water and one part latex paint and I'm back in love with my armoire.  I no longer see her as the big ugly monster hogging the corner of the living room :-).

I even like the top of the piece that I had grown to hate for it's fancy scroll work that just screamed 80s at me.

 As you can see, I did put new hardware on the doors, but I don't love it.  It looked great immediately after the painting, but once I started using the toner and darkening the piece more, the white knobs were just too...well, white.  I'll keep them until I find something else for a price I'm willing to pay (if cost were no object, I'd head over to Anthropologie and pick up some but, that's not in the budget).


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go find something else to paint :-).

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