Thursday, July 15, 2010

Perfect Porches

It's really, really HOT here in Cleveland right now and has been for weeks now.  I mostly love the heat because we plunge into a deep freeze every winter. I say mostly because it can really sap your energy and just make you want to lie down and take a nice long nap on the porch.

Since I don't really have a porch (more like a mini landing pad that barely has room for the two urns filled with flowers I use to "decorate" it), I like to imagine some day being able to build a little version of one in the back of the house.  Of course, I'm filled with brilliant ;-) ideas for my imaginary porch, but here are some real porches that make you want to grab a book, pour a glass of wine and relax...or you could just take a nap.

 This last porch is really more of an outdoor room, a glorified screened porch that I could pretty much live in all year...if it wasn't freezing here during the winter.

 If you have a porch, dress it up and enjoy it.  You're truly blessed to be able to enjoy one of the greatest pleasures of the Summer.

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