Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spend or Save?

Sometimes you find things at a high end store and think, "I could make that.  I know I could."  Then you start trying to assemble the individual pieces and parts and it quickly becomes clear that, although you might be able to capture the look well enough, you can't replicate the look without spending a fortune gathering everything needed to put it together.  And then there's the time investment.  If you're anything like me, this is where your lazy girl gene kicks in and you just pull out the wallet.

I have an accessory you can replicate in no time for a quarter of what it costs at retail.  Restoration Hardware is selling these bundles of old torn up books billed as Antiqued Uncovered Book Bundles, retailing for $29.

It seems silly really ...old torn up books...where's the appeal?  For me, it's just the colors and textures grouped together.  But if I ever paid $29 for them, I would hope my family would consider committing me for that 5150 hold thing Brittany Spears went through when she had her little break down.

Bottom line, a trip to the thrift store and some strategic ripping and binding (used the twine I  bind my recyclable papers with) later, I had my own version for the mantel:

I did purchase the cast iron letter C on top of the books.  The 4" version (they come in 4 sizes and can be hung on the wall as well) was $6 with my Resto that's $10 for you non employees :-).

Go tear up some books and tell me how it went.

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