Monday, January 4, 2010

My Little Green Christmas Tip

Have you packed away the Christmas decorations yet?  I did it yesterday and I'm loving the roomy passage I now have into the kitchen without that blasted beautiful tree in the way.  Anyhoo, I remembered a small green tip I wanted to share with you. 

I have a lot of Christmas ornaments that are odd sized and don't fit into those nice little slotted boxes they sell for round bulbs.  So I have to use big cardboard boxes for the larger ornaments.  To cushion my little prized babies, I save up the contents of my shredder and lay a nice thick layer on the bottom of the box and between each layer of ornaments.

See, they're all nicely nestled in their bed until next year when I drag them out and pimp out my tree all over again (I may complain about the process, but I do love decorating for my favorite holiday of all).

Did you pack everything away yet?  If no, good luck and stay calm.  It's a lot of work, but worth it in the end.

p.s. Happy, Happy New Year!!

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