Monday, January 4, 2010

Design Dilemma Solved (Thanks to Aeron Lauder)

Years ago (many, but not sure exactly how many) I went through a phase of collecting those little solid perfume compacts by Estee Lauder.  They would only come out with 2 or 3 per year, usually at Christmas time.

Anyway, to me they were just super girly and glamorous (although ridiculously impractical), but I never knew quite how to display them.  They just sat on my dresser for a long time.  Eventually, they just got buried in a jewelry box and remained there for years.

Then one day last year (I think it was last year...anyone?), I came upon a story in Elle Decor featuring gorgeous photos of the beautiful, chic Aeron Lauder's East Hampton home.  In one small photo of her vanity, there they were.  Her collection of solid perfume compacts, piled onto a pretty silver tray.

Eureka!!!  I pulled out a Belleek china mint candy tray I was given for Christmas years ago.  That was another thing I thought was lovely, but never really knew what to do with.  I mean how often do you serve small mint chocolate candies (that's what the picture on the box showed anyway)?

If I were to actually purchase those little mini chocolate covered mints and put them on a tray, they would be gone within 24 hours...eaten by me, not a guest.  I would probably hide them if guests came.  I never was good at sharing my chocolate with the other kids.

I digress.  Back to the subject.  I put the little china tray on my bed side table and filled it with the four perfume compacts I had collected. Love it.

Now I get to enjoy the pretty little compacts all over again.  Thanks to Aeron for the idea.

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