Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too Much Drama For A Tuesday!

I have no exciting after pictures for you yet.  It will be a while before that happens, but I did have a drama filled day.

First, when I was leaving to run to the grocery store at lunchtime, I pulled the front door too hard and it auto locked.  The key would not move at all in the lock.  I called the fire department (they're less than a mile from my house) and asked if they could try the key for me.  The female dispatcher who answered agreed that I might just "need some man muscles" (her quote - very cute).

So very shortly after I hung up, the big red truck made its way up my street and parked out front.  Two firemen got out (one very hot).  One tried to open the door with my key and couldn't budge it either.  The other was able to break into the garage through a side window and the other smaller guy crawled through, went through the house and opened the door from the front (the cables on my garage door recently broke and it won't open either).

So, my house is falling apart around me and was a total mess thanks to my painting project (sooo embarrassed that they saw it like that), but that was not the end of my drama for the day.

As I am backing the car out of the driveway (immediately after being rescued by the fire department), my car gets stuck in the monstrously large mound of snow the city has created by pushing the snow onto my driveway when their trucks go by (it is frozen and I can't move it with a shovel).

I get out of the car and start trying to shovel my way out to no avail.  Finally a Good Samaritan came along and helped me dig and push the car out of the snow pile. 

All of this happened prior to 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon.  I mean how much drama must I endure that early in the day?  Like it couldn’t have spread itself out a little?

Anyway here are some interesting black and white themed dining spaces to ponder as I continue to brainstorm ideas...



Here's hoping tomorrow is mind numbingly boring.  I've had my fill of drama for the week and it's only Tuesday :)

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