Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Heart Sheila Bridges

I really, really like Sheila Bridges style.  Years ago, I saw a home that I believe was her own that she had purchased in Harlem and the decor was just so beautiful and fresh and modern but not that kind of modern (you know, the harsh, ugly and scary modern).  Just so made me want to move in and take over the space.

So, every once in a while I like to do a little Sheila search to see what designs she has out there.  Here are some particularly lovely ones I saw today on her site, though in truth I didn't love everything I saw.  Still, you don't look at every picture of a room she has done and say, "Oh yeah, that's a Sheila Bridges design."  I love that she clearly gets the client heavily involved or her designs would not be so dramatically unique in each home (I should not that some of these photos are of her own home).

Here's a little sampling of Sheila that I think is especially lovely...


Do you see what I mean about every room being so unique?  I wish I could enlarge them more, but each is enlarged as much as possible before becoming a bit fuzzy and I hate fuzzy pictures (like the one I showed you yesterday) as they give me a headache.

I hope you enjoyed Sheila's designs as much as I do. 

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