Monday, May 17, 2010

White Out in the Living Room!

The Sherwin Williams store by me had an unadvertised sale this past Saturday (40% off ALL PAINTS - even Duration - my personal favorite), so I bought a couple gallons of Buff - one of the neutrals I used on the  horizontal stripes I did in my dining room.  I painted a large patch on the wall Sunday to see how it translates in the living room and I'm just not sure. 

As I've mentioned before, working with paint chips and fabrics all day has driven me to want to neutralize my house more.  All that color can wear you out by the end of the day.  My eyes just wanted to rest at night.

As I ponder my new paint choice, here are some pretty mostly white living rooms that I think got it right...

White can look very warm and cozy, it just has to be offset with the right mixture of other colors or neutrals and textures. 

I have so much painting to do, but hey it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble right ;-).


Heidi @ Budget Wise Home said...

I think rooms like this are a masterpiece and definitely tricky to pull off. What makes them work (for me) is the use of so many different shades of the same color...white, off white, ivory, etc. I have been debating a similar look myself. Good luck with your dining room. I love horizontal stripes!

Christine said...

So true Heidi! I hope I love the finished living room as much as I'm enjoying my finished dining room. Change is good right ;-)