Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is "Couture Classic?"

I get a magazine in the mail periodically (no puns were intended or harmed) called luxe interiors + design (a luxury lifestyle magazine).  It is large and glossy and sells for $9.95 if you are inclined to buy it on the new stand.  I pay nothing for it.  The company I bought a subscription to Everyday Rachel Ray from gave it to me free after they messed up and sent me ESPN (cause it's so similar to Everyday Rachel Ray?) for nearly a year by mistake.  This was intended to appease me and it was free so who am I to turn it down?

Anyway, the interior designs in this magazine are rarely my taste.  In the entire issue (I believe the one I just received is the fourth I've gotten so far), I can usually find no more than one page with an interior I find attractive.  It's not as bad as Dwell magazine, but it's close (again, from my perspective).  This particular issue actually had a number of beautiful photos but for some reason the ones I scanned won't upload.  However, I was able to find a picture of the chair they highlighted on the net to share.

There you have it...or them...sold as a pair...cause one simply isn't enough is it?


I wish you could see it up close, not that it looks any better, but ...well, it looks kind of like someone took a black trash bag and affixed it to the chair frame with black duct tape.  And they were in a huge hurry so they got some of the duct tape on the leg and the arm and...well you can see for yourself.

Clearly I'm not design savy or hip enough to appreciate it...for which I'm frankly quite grateful.  Someone who is hip enough to appreciate it is the designer they asked to comment on it.  Here is what she said regarding the chair above:

"The way this traditional, graceful chair is shrouded by a rough utilitarian material is completely delicious!  I would use this in both a traditional interior space to make it less formal and serious, or in a modern space to create texture"

So she likes it...she really, really likes it.

BTW, the material it is shrouded in is not a trash bag and duct tape, but a 19th century Mennonite petticoat.  I'll bet the Mennonites had no idea what they planned to do to those petticoats or they never would have given them up.  No way.  I hope they never find out.

Sorry I didn't share something prettier but, remember that tomorrow is another day :-)

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