Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chalkboard Paint Creations

Today I saw this sweet little vignette that included a handmade chalkboard that someone created with the always popular chalkboard paint.

I've been wanting to create one for my kitchen, but want an old antique looking frame and I want to pay...umm...nothing would be good, but I'll take close to nothing.  Haven't found it yet, but it got me thinking about what DIYers out there are doing with this fun product.  Here's just a small sample of what I found:

The one that started it all...

If I still had my ugly black hand me down fridge, I would definitely do this to it...

Love these walls painted in a kids half bath.  If you can't read the writing to the left of the mirror, it says pee, poop, flush, wash hands, dry hands...never hurts to remind them ;-)

I love this chalkboard back splash idea, but I would probably frame it off rather than go all the way across the wall.

This is a really cute idea on display at an Anthropology store...

 This could be a fun way to test your child's knowledge of geography...

I would think this is taking it a little too far, but I suppose this could work if you're tired of your husband not being able to find anything himself in the kitchen.  Of course, if he needs this much assistance navigating the kitchen, his problems may be bigger than you're willing to admit.

Keeping track of what you planted this year.

You could even do this in an office to label supplies.

More ideas for kids rooms...

 I've thought about doing this to the inside of my pantry closet door as a way to track what I need to pick up at the store.

Of course, it does come in colors, but I prefer the classic black - it has the most visual impact and is the easiest to read.

What have you painted with chalkboard paint?

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