Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom

In honor of Mother's Day, and particularly my Mom, here are a few of the things my Mom taught me (in no particular order):

 1. Always check your rear view BEFORE leaving the house.
 2. A hot cup of tea cures almost anything.
 3. Sometimes it's okay to skip the veggies in favor of dessert.
 4. Never exit the car without making sure you have your lips on.
 5. Don't feel guilty for occasionally sleeping late - your mind and body must have needed it.
 6. Clean up after yourself.
 7. Turn to God.
 8. Ageing is ALWAYS better than the alternative.
 9. Sometimes it's better to just shut up and let them think they won.
10. You're wonderful no matter what anybody else says about you :-).

Thanks Mom for these and a million other life lessons that got me this far.  You're the greatest.



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